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I believe that every Black woman should feel & be SEEN, HEARD, FULFILLED & FREE; to fearlessly, authentically & unapologetically own her truth. 

As your Trauma Healing & Mindset Mastery Coach, I SEE you.  I HEAR you.  As a Black woman, I understand how society has portrayed us, neglected us, abused us, and hurt us.  I’m here to hold a sacred space for you to evolve into the woman God has pre-destined you to become. 


What is it?

Coaching is a transformative process where we work together 1:1 to explore your limiting beliefs, habits, and mindset. We co-create a strategy to help you get to the place where you are fulfilled and confidently living your best life unapologetically. We aim to equip you to find strategies to move forward from the generational trauma that has led many Black women to accept and often embrace the false narrative that we are less than others. 
Our past trauma, hurts and upbringing can leave behind pebbles of self-doubt. When compiled, it can equate to a mountain of wasted energy.  This wasted energy shows up as self-sabotage in the form of:  distraction, low self-esteem, comparison, imposter syndrome, limited emotional intelligence, and the list goes on. 
Though coaching is not therapy, my services help women who have done, or are in the process of completing, the deep work to heal their trauma and are now looking for tools and accountability to put a plan in action to GROW.THRIVE.FLOURISH.

Mindset Change & Empowering Coaching is right for you if you’re ready to:

What Coaching Type is Right for You?

1:1 Coaching

This level of coaching provides the greatest level of support, accountability and transformation.  During our time together we’ll take a deep dive into what you bring to the table, peel back the layers to find & release the root of what’s holding you back from being the woman you desire to be & living the life you want & deserve.

Each session is private & unique to you.  As you experience breakthroughs in these sessions, you will also receive tools to take consistent action toward more breakthroughs to allow the healing journey & transformation process to happen.

If you are ready for this inner, soul shifting work, book your Audacity to BE ME! Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Accountability Group Coaching

The BEcoming ME! Accountability Group (BMAG) coaching program is an intimate setting with peers that is focused on goal setting, deepening your awareness around specific areas, doing the work, and holding you accountable.  The key benefits of accountability group coaching are:

My next accountability group coaching program starts September 2021!

It is a 12- week program and includes:

To learn more about joining my upcoming BEcoming ME! Accountability Group cohort, click here to schedule a discovery call.

What role will I play in your transformation?

What role will I play in your transformation?

  • I will believe in you and encourage you.
  • I will lovingly, truthfully, and respectfully work with you. However, I’ll tell it like it is and not coddle you as we dig deep into your heart to reveal your true nature and the wisdom our Creator has to share.
  • You will have my support 100% as you come to own and work towards what your heart desires and what you deserve.

I help you to:

Build stronger relationships by:

  • Building your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Teaching you how to give yourself self-compassion.
  • Creating self-care rituals to support you mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically.
  • Using your voice to create, implement and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Being unapologetic for being who you are as a Black woman.
  • Embracing assertiveness to ask for what you want.
  • Teaching you how to say ‘NO’ without feeling guilty.
  • Overcoming procrastination to achieve more.
  • Living the life, you want without guilt or apology for being fabulous.
  • Helping you embrace the beauty of where you were, where you are and plan for where you want to be.

Take charge of your mental, emotional & spiritual health so you can:

  • Live with self-love, self-esteem, and self-respect by recognizing & debunking limiting beliefs.
  • Stop the comparison trap and celebrate what is uniquely you.
  • Embrace your femininity to love your mental, emotional, spiritual & physical self from your crown to your lips, fingertips, and hips.
  • See the silver lining. Even in our trauma, we can appreciate our present & create our future. Owning & embracing our past doesn’t mean it didn’t wound us, but it does mean it no longer has a hold on us.
  • Proactively embrace your journey to total wellness.
  • Embrace nature and its healing power through plants.


When a high-achieving Black woman comes to me feeling broken, lost, unloved and feeling small despite being mighty, what I often hear, not in so many words, is ‘purify me.’ I do this through words of encouragement & healing using plants, prayer and scripture.

You won’t find many coaches who guide you to grow with the green things surrounding you, but I am different. I believe in plants’ healing power to calm, refresh, uplift, and beautify our lives. Plants are symbolic of growth, and as an Empowerment Coach, I use mindset change and plant power to propel my clients forward to higher heights.

Plants connect us to nature, but they also teach us patience, endurance, and balance. Each plant having their own unique love language, they show us that with love, mindfulness, attention, and the right care, we too can be resilient and radiant.



What are you tolerating? What's (who's) frustrating you? What things have you denied yourself? What do you really want?

This simple coaching worksheet will help you take stock of your current situation - FAST - to give you clarity!