7 Tips to Preparing for a Photoshoot – Have a Stellar Photoshoot & Keep Your Sanity!

I never knew how much preparation it takes for a photoshoot as an influencer.ย  My 1st photoshoot was in January 2017 and, despite it being amazingly successful, loads of fun, & tiring, it was a huge learning experience.ย 

Below are 7 things I wish I had known in preparing for a photoshoot. The These tips are now what I currently incorporate into each photoshoot regardless of whoโ€™s shooting my photos: 

7 Tips to Preparing for a Photoshoot

1. Create a vision / story board of the outfits youโ€™re contemplating. 

This will help you determine the vibe you want to present.  Are you looking to present a casual / weekend vibe?  Or, are you trying to present an office outfit that can work for happy hour as well?  The more you know what you want to accomplish the more information you can share with the photographer so that he/she can think about the shots they need to capture.

 2. Determine what mediums you will use the photos.

I believe in getting the most use out of my photos:  on my blog, social media, and YouTube.  This way my investment of time & money more than pays for itself.  Also, this helps the photographer to determine what angles work best for each medium.

 3. Select your accessories, i.e., shoes, jewelry, handbags/purses, etc., sooner rather than later.

The more you can do prior to the photoshoot the better because youโ€™ll have time to shop for items that you need without rushing.ย ย  Also, this gives you an idea of the vibe you want to portray when followers/subscribers view your photos.

4. If youโ€™re shooting off site make sure that you have a place to change.

I work with a local hotel to hold my clothes between shots and I use their spacious public restroom to change when Iโ€™m in their vicinity.   Second, connect with the business owners in the area where youโ€™d like to shoot and ask if theyโ€™d be willing to let you change at their facility in exchange for a shout out on my blog or on social media.  This works like a charm for me!

Also, if you have to change in your car make sure you have a blanket or some type of covering for your window to ensure privacy.

5. Bring someone with you to help you when possible.

Sometimes I have to lug my garment bag and suitcase with my shoes & accessories; this gets old quick.  If your photographer is willing to help with this that is great.  Otherwise, Iโ€™d suggest adding asking another blogger/influencer, friend or family member in to help out in preparing for a photoshoot.  The less you have to do the better because your photos wonโ€™t show the frustration and/or tiredness. 

6. Research & visit your location prior to the shoot.

You want to be certain of any costs to shoot at the location, specific times of availability, determine if a permit is required, and more.  Not all places are free to host a photoshoot and some will require a permit.

Second, itโ€™s a good idea to know the lay of the land. If youโ€™re planning to wear heels on your shoot you want to know what areas would be best to do so.  Also, there may be specific areas that you want to make sure you get photos. 

7. Provide your photographer with a list of the outfits youโ€™re planning to shoot and your desired end goal.

The more he/she knows about the shoot the better your photos will be, the more productive youโ€™ll be, the less time itโ€™ll take for the shoot, and the lines of communication are open.



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  1. Love these tips! Iโ€™m still new to blogging and at the moment I take my pictures in my home, but I know it can be tough to shoot multiple outfits outdoors. I know some influencers change right outside, lol . I live in NYC so thatโ€™s totally normal! But asking to use a public bathroom in exchange for showcasing the establishment is genius!

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