You just made the best possible decision for the rest of your life.

You just said, “I will no longer be the victim”.

You just said, “I want more out of life”.

You just said, “I am worth the fight”.

You just said, “I choose me”.

And I couldn’t be more proud of you!

'Emotional Bag Lady:  Let Go or Be Dragged' Masterclass
took courage!

  I'm so glad you chose to invest in yourself in this way
and I'm Looking forward to holding space for you.

Zoom Room

You will receive the link to the masterclass in an email on the day of the event.


If you have any questions or concerns about the masterclass please send me an email here:

In the meantime, join the Unapologetically ME! Group, my
Private FB Community for Black women, where you can get
immediate access and take advantage of the resources
available to your fellow BEcomers!

Unapologetically ME! PRIVATE Facebook Group

Here is the link to join!  The group is filled with women just like you who are navigating their journey of healing, and we would all love to share space with you on your healing journey.

Don't forget to add the
'Emotional Bag Lady: Let Go Or Be Dragged' Masterclass
to your calendar.

See you on June 24th!


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