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FALL 2021!

My signature group coaching container, BEcoming ME!™, starts October 2021. Yippee!!!!!

There's a seat for you, beautiful...wink, wink 🙂

Black women in group

it's all about you BEcoming you!

The BEcoming ME! Group coaching container is an intimate community setting with like-minded sisters who are ready to uproot their hidden pain & trauma to master their mindset, deepen their self-awareness and learn to trust themselves so they can live fearlessly, authentically & unapologetically.

I can't wait to hold space for you 🙂
Coach Tracey

Black women in group happy

The benefits of group coaching are:

• You get to interact with & share the experiences of your peers which provides you with different perspectives.

• You have more time to reflect on your 'aha' moments & integrate your new insights when you’re not ‘on the spot'.

• You receive additional support and encouragement from your peers which inspires you to reach your desired healing goal(s).

• You will be in a safe space to be vulnerable, transparent, seen, heard & inspired!

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Healing is your Birthright, Beautiful!

At Planted to Flourish,

we believe in healing, liberation, social justice and the power of positive energy to transform lives. We have built a platform to empower Black women to be intentional about their lives to GROW.THRIVE.FLOURISH.

I’m Coach Tracey, and I readjusted my crown and wear it with pride.
Now, I’m showing you how to do the same!

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