Growing. Thriving. Flourishing. as Tracey

If the philodendron plant species were a person, it would be me. Known for their beauty and growth, I am also ‘that girl.’ Much like a well cared for plant, you can surround me in an environment of positivity and light, and I will thrive.  

As a bold and courageous Black woman, I want you to know that you can also thrive with the right support and in a nurturing environment.

Call me your ‘plantologist’ and guide. I have a strong desire to empower beautiful women like yourself. Working with me is a positive experience. I’ve been called a self-actualized female – a determined strong-willed woman who is always brave and loves to express herself.

I strive to help you become braver, set healthy boundaries, stop the self-sabotage and walk with you, hand in hand on your journey. I’m here to empower you to be a woman filled with positivity, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-love. I help you to GROW.THRIVE.FLOURISH.

My Story

When I tell you my story, you will see that I’m just like you. I have flaws, scars, and a desire to live unapologetically and free.

Like many of my sisters, who too, are overcoming and BEcoming, I’ve had my share of trauma. In sharing this with you, I hope to inspire you to rise above your trauma, no matter what negative experience you go through.

One day when we have time, I’ll share more about my story. It is one of overcoming and mindset change. The list is long, but the story is rich. I’ve had to prune, shape, and weed out the negativity in my life to welcome my season of bloom as I evolved into the woman I always wanted to be.

  • The trauma started early and at home. My father was absent from my life, and it left an emotional void that I filled with bad relationships with emotionally unavailable men.
  • My mother was a wonderful mother & provider, yet she didn’t know how to nurture me.
  • My very first sexual experience would turn out to be one of my greatest life lessons and hurts. The trauma that I endured and fought would be the substance behind my story.
  • My 1st love, the father of my children, my 1st husband was abusive:  physically, financially, mentally & emotionally.  I divorced him after staying 14 years too long.
  • I was the burden-bearer being the STRONG one; everyone cast their heavy burdens at my feet. It overwhelmed me.
  • Physical abuse, domestic violence, infidelity, deceit, and torment was the theme of my 1st marriage.  My 2nd marriage was a constant struggle for love with an emotionally unavailable husband.
  • I had few friends and found it challenging to fit in anywhere because I was different.
  • I suffered from anxiety & depression and still have panic attacks from time to time.
  • I had to make excellent grades so I could be ‘seen’ and accepted.
  • I had body image issues with my size, my skin & my teeth.

In my process of BEcoming, I dug deep and was able to blossom into the woman I am today.


  • I married the man that loves my good, bad & ugly.
  • I faced my many thorns, ditched my limiting beliefs, stopped indulging in OPP (Other People’s Problems), and dug deep into my hurt.
  • I own a successful business that I manifested from my vision board.
  • I have traveled to more countries than anyone in my immediate family.
  • I designed & built my home.
  • I graduated from college with my BS in Human Services at 48 years young. It’s never too late to invest in yourself!
  • I’m an author.
  • I’m a motivational speaker.
  • I am living my best life fearlessly, authentically & unapologetically.
  • I am empowering other Black women to do the same.

Sis, I share this to inspire you. I AM NO DIFFERENT THAN YOU.  If I can be fearless, authentic & unapologetic, I am confident that you can too!!!

Let me be the Mindset Change & Empowerment Coach that helps you remove your self-limiting beliefs and empower you to stand in your light. Let’s work together on your transformation!


Discovering my courage and worth is at the top of my lessons learned. This discovery has given me the clarity to design my own life and has equipped me with so many skills and experiences that I can share with you.

I also bring to the table a BS (Bachelor of Science) in Human Services from Anderson University in Anderson, SC, and a minor in Psychology. I believe this knowledge serves us well as I understand our human connection’s science.

I’ve learned to be open about my story and to share my vulnerability. In this process of ‘opening up,’ I am making space for other Black women to open up and tell their truth. I want to empower you to discover your boldness and your truth, just like I have.

I am Just Like You

Deep down, I feel that we are all the same. WE ARE SISTERS!

I’ve struggled with low self-esteem yet overcame it and now live life according to my terms. I no longer wait for people’s consent to do what is best for me. I seek permission from myself.

I believe these characteristics, among many others, define me as bold and courageous. It is what I wish to inspire in all Black women.

As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I have been able to repurpose the hurt and pain from my past into lessons of love, nurture, and togetherness. I now share this with my adult daughters, and they, too, have flourished into dynamic women who live their lives boldly. This growth is a big part of the legacy of healing and self-love I wish to leave behind.

Within the past two years, I have become a plant enthusiast & plant Mom. I’ve dabbled in caring for plants for years, yet, I didn’t have a connection to them. I didn’t realize their power nor identified with them as part of my birthright.  Today, I not only embrace plants; I share them with you in hopes that they can also help you to grow, thrive, and flourish.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown, fear of failing, fear of the truth, or the financial scarcity mindset to  get in your way.

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