Having a hard time making decisions?

Feel like your brain is on overload?

Can’t think clearly?

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 This challenge is designed to give you practical tips & tools to increase your focus, clarity, and mindset

to create more peace, ease, flow & joy in your life the rest of 2021 and beyond!


“You are meant to live an expansive, exhilarating, good-feeling experience.”
– Abraham Hicks

This challenge isn’t like others.

It’s about paying attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions and then looking at how they create the actions we take.  

Are you ready to free up your mental space, spend time on what really matters, and start living the life you want?


Here’s what this program will do for you:

  • Cleanse your mind & heart of habits, attitudes & beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Free up your time to invest your energy in the things that matter the most. 
  • Enhance your mental health by minimizing stress & anxiety.
  • Tap into the truth of who you are & what you want.
  • Lighten your mental & emotional baggage.
  • Push you to act on your dreams & goals.


“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. 

If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.” 


Below are the details on how we’re doing this:

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That’s it!  

This is a SIMPLE, yet powerful challenge.

No fluff.  No long emails.  Just practical tips & tools.

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Join the 7-Day Clutter-Free Mind, Body & Soul Challenge

What are you tolerating? What's (who's) frustrating you? What things have you denied yourself? What do you really want?

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