Hey, sis!

Every Black woman should feel & be SEEN, HEARD, FULFILLED & FREE; to fearlessly, authentically & unapologetically own her truth!

Hey, sis!

Every Black woman should feel & be SEEN, HEARD, FULFILLED & FREE; to fearlessly, authentically & unapologetically own her truth!


Let me tell you a story and whisk you away for a minute.

Imagine walking into a garden oasis. Plush with beautiful plants and flowers.

Music is playing in the background; it is soothing and familiar. The tune, you recognize.

‘A Rose is still a rose, and baby girl; you are still a flower.’  On the nearby bench, you take a seat. You sit and take notes. You are enjoying Aunty Aretha’s raspy declaration.

Remember when she told us, ‘Baby girl, you’ve got the power?’

Did. You. Hear. Her?

In the soundtrack of our lives, we sometimes play hot tunes. We go with the flow.

We follow the trend. We are sometimes moving to our beat, more often to the beat of others.

Then when the music stops, when life catches up, we find ourselves.



Burned out.


We have scars from the scorching heat of life that caught us.

Unprepared. Unsheltered. Open to the elements.

Like plants exposed and without care

We have died.

Not physical death. But dead inside.

When we let others dictate our dance, our confidence gets shaken. Our hopes are clouded. Our dreams fade away.

When the beat stops, we face our reality, a reality we often feel ashamed to accept.

But you, not you, you are a conqueror!  Much like the dramatic Fiddle leaf fig that knows what it needs to survive, it drops its leaves in defiance when we fail to provide it. You, too, are not willing to accept less than you deserve. Despite the drama that has surrounded you, you know what you need to thrive, and you are ready to set the necessary boundaries; you refuse to settle for less.

With everything that you have faced, YOU ARE STILL STANDING!

AN Open Letter to My Sisters


I am here to tell you that you can move to the beat of your own drum.

I want you to know that you are still a flower—a beautiful rose.

You are a Queen of immense power and regality.

‘You can own your crown because it has already been bought and paid for.’

You have the birthright to stand as tall as a palm tree.

Your magic, like the sun, gives life!

Now let me ask you how much do you believe that?

Are you here to embrace your power?

Are you ready to play YOUR music?

To sing your tune and dance to your rhythm?                                                                           

I believe you are ready. That is why you’re still reading.

I have created his platform because I, too, am ready to support you fully.

Let's Get Started!

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I'm So Glad You're Here!

I am Tracey, and I am your sister. I survived being Withered. Depleted. Scorched and Broken by life. 

Yet, I was able to turn my story into victory. I took back my crown!

And now, I am on a mission to empower you to fearlessly own your truth as you embrace your authentic self unapologetically and reclaim your worth. My mission is to see you Growing. Thriving. Flourishing.

A monstera deliciosa grows untamed and commands a room to make space for it. Much like this plant, I want to help you grow beyond the societal & self-imposed limitations placed on you & give you permission to be seen, be heard & make others uncomfortable.

Professionally, I am a mindset change & empowerment coach focusing on providing transformative programs and services to high achieving Black women.

I am also a plant consultant. I believe that plants possess the healing energy to transform our space, health, and hearts. Plants reconnect us with our ancestors, our true self as we serve, give, nurture, and sustain another living source that directly & indirectly pours back into us.


Planted to Flourish is a Black, woman-owned wellness company owned by Tracey Forde.  We use the journey of caring for plants in our coaching curriculum because learning to care for plants and taking in their lessons is an invigorating journey into empowerment and acceptance.  As a result, we empower courageous Black women to own your truth, fearlessly & unapologetically.  We show you how to own your beauty, story, magic, and your power to live authentically.

Our mission is to support Black women who are ready to GROW.THRIVE.FLOURISH. as you move through removing your masks, hanging up your capes & believing that you are more than enough.

We look forward to supporting & connecting with you.

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